Maximum Gun Magnets

We offer two types of magnets to help you hide and store your guns -- 
the Maximum Hold HOOK Magnet and the Covert Undercover/Under Counter DISK Magnet .
The Hook Magnet somes in 42mm; the Disk Magnet comes in 2 sizes: 32mm and 42mm.    
Made from Neodymium, these Rare Earth Magnets are extremely strong; 
the 32 mm Magnet holds at least 10 lbs. of weight and the 42 mm Magnet can support 25 lbs. 
of vertical weight, more than the weight of any of your guns.

By attaching the HOOK Magnets to the inside of your gun safe door, you can hang 
your handguns so that they are easy to see and to access, and make efficient 
use of space normally not used.  The 42 mm Hook Magnet is so strong and powerful it can be used on 
safes with thin rugs, on the safe walls or door.  

Attach the DISK Magnets (with the provided screw) to the inside of your bedstand, under a counter, 
on a wall, in a closet, or in your vehicle and your gun will be secure, hidden and readily 
accessible -- no one but you will know it's there.  

All magnets are rubber coated to protect your gun from damage.

Maximum Hold HOOK Magnets

Rubber coated 42mm hook holds more than 25 lbs., more than any handgun will weigh.

Attach the Hook Magnets to any ferrous metal surface and hang your guns quickly and easily.

The Hook Magnets attached to the inside of your gun safe door provide very efficient use of storage space.

Covert Undercover/Under Counter  DISK Magnet (MAG-D)

42 mm Disk Magnet with Rubber Coating will hold at least 25 lbs. of vertical weight; 32 mm holds at least 10 lbs.

Amazing strength of the MAG-D 42 mm Disk Magnet holds the Remington 870, 12 ga to the ceiling by its muzzle or receiver

42 mm Disk Magnet holding 12 ga, 870 
vertically  from ceiling
Disk Magnet holding 12 ga, 870 horizontally from ceiling

Gun attached to disk magnet screwed into underside of bed stand. Out of sight but readily accessible. >

Disk Magnet attached to center console of vehicle holds handgun within easy reach<



  32 mm Disk - 2 for $29.90
  42 mm Hook or Disk - 1 for $19.95

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