Gun Fitter's Case 
Stores your Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension, BoreMaster, LaserShooter 
and LaserPro and becomes a Gun Rest for easy, hands-free measuring     


The Gun Fitter's Case is another Robert Louis exclusive product 
designed to make the shooter more efficient at his measuring tasks.

Both a storage case and a gun rest, the Gun Fitter's Case holds a 
LaserShooter and LaserPro,  a Shotgun Combo Gauge and Extension, 
a BoreMaster, and two (2) Gun Cradles which convert the case to a 
Gun Rest.  

The Gun Fitter's Case secures your guns in the horizontal position 
for measuring, cleaning or repairing, eliminating the possibility of 
damaging or scratching as a result of your activities.  Forget the 
days of laying an expensive gun on a car hood or arms of a chair in 
an attempt to measure a gun without damaging it.

The traveling gun fitter and shooter now has a practical and classy 
way of arriving for a gun fit with all of the tools required to 
accomplish his fitting.  

The Gun Fitter's Case is canvas and leather on the outside.  The 
interior is carefully constructed of green felt covered hardwood
with all brass hardware for years of service. 

Dimensions:  32-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 4".

The Gun Fitter's Case can be purchased separately or as a package.  


Gun Fitter's Case (Case only): $288
    Basic Kit 1 : Case and Shotgun Combo Gauge 
              with Extension and 2 yokes ):  $517 
    Kit 2:  Basic Kit plus Red LaserShooter (4 Ga):  $775
    Kit 3:  Basic Kit plus Red LaserShooter & LaserPro:  $1160
    Kit 4:  Basic Kit plus BoreMaster w/ BWT Kit & 4 CR:  $875
    Kit 5:  Basic Kit plus Red LaserShooter and BoreMaster:  $1133
    Kit 6:  Basic Kit plus Red LaserShooter, LaserPro, & BM:  $1518

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Canvas and Leather Gun Fitter's Case


Gun Fitter's Complete Package 
with LaserPro and BoreMaster