"Gun fit isn't the only thing; it's EVERYTHING to the winning competitor."

Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension and Two Drop Meters (One Drop Meter is Standard)


For precise and accurate GUN FIT, use the Red LaserShooter 
with the Shotgun Combo Gauge.  With the LaserShooter you can 
see exactly where you're hitting the target.  With the Combo Gauge 
you can make all of necessary measurements to ensure a proper 
gun fit.  See the Red LaserShooter info on the Indoor Shotgun 
Training Products page.


       Reviewed in Gun Digest, Aug. 2008, Shooting Sportsman Magazine, Nov/Dec, 2004, Page 22;
Clay Shooting USA, Jul/Aug 2004 and Sports Afield, January 2005. See Reviews of Shotgun Combo Gauge.

The Shotgun Combo Gauge™ combines all of the measurements required for proper gun fit: 

       -  Length of Pull
       -  Drop at Comb and Heel
       -  Angle of Pitch
       -  Cast
For the 
       -  gunsmith
             -  firearms retailer 
                    -  manufacturer  
                          -  gun hobbyist

Features and Benefits:
  • Reads both Metric and Inches for use worldwide
  • Has easy-to-read bold numbers
  • Lightweight -- Made of aircraft aluminum
  • Portable -- Easy to travel with
  • Optional Extension with Magnet. The magnet "glues" Shotgun Combo Gauge to gun rib for hands-free operation
  • Optional Dual Drop Meters

Specs for Basic Gauge:

  • Length for drop measurement: 28"
  • Length of pull: 24"
  • Overall length: 29.5"

Specs with Optional 23" Extension:

  • Length for drop measurement: 48"
  • Overall length: 49.5"
  • List of Major Users:

  • Holland & Holland, Beretta, Boss, Chris Batha, Jerry Parks Young (CPSA Senior Coach MICSI), Dickson & MacNaughton, Browning/Winchester, Ruger, Griffin & Howe, British Sporting Arms, Safari Outfitters, Brownells, Cabelas, Orvis, Kittery Trading Post, Kevin's Catalog, Bass Pro Fine Gun Room, Dakota Arms, DeWings, Jeff's Outfitters, L.L. Bean, and many more.

    Worldwide Distributors:

For Australia and New Zealand:

Glenn Walker
PO Box 2001
Ashgrove West
Queensland 4060
Tel:  0411402010 
Shotgun Combo Gauge (SCG) w/ Extension/Magnet:  $229.00
SCG w/ Ext/Mag & Extra Drop Meter:  $268.00
SCG w/ Ext/Mag in Gun Fitter's Case:  $517.00

Shotgun Combo Gauge only: $150.00
Extension with Magnet only: $79.00
Extra Drop Meter only: $39.00
Gun Fitter's Case:  $288.00

The Shotgun Combo Gauge has become
a standard tool for gunsmiths and hobby-
ist gun owners.  In this July 2012 British
edition of Clay Shooting magazine, author
Tim Greenwood shows the Shotgun Combo 
Gauge with the Dual Drop Meters measuring
drop at the heel and the comb simultaneously.

Mike Smith, British Gunfitter and Gunsmith says"

"I’ve been using a Combo gauge for years and find it 


Mark II Slotted Shotgun Combo Gauge™ with Extension Attached

(photo illustrates Combo Gauge measuring drop at heel and comb)

The Shotgun Combo Gauge is held on the gun rib by an 
ultra-strong rare earth magnet installed on the Extension

Extension with Hold-down Magnet


Shotgun Combo Gauge with Dual Drop Meters

An optional second drop meter on your Combo Gauge will 
allow you to measure any two drop points along the stock 
or drop and pitch simultaneously.        

Measuring Drop at Comb and Heel

Measuring Drop at Comb and Heel                                            Measuring Length of Pull (LOP)

Measuring Angle of Pitch, Cast and Drop at Heel Simultaneously

Measuring the Adjustable Comb Shotgun

(Illustrated on the Gun Fitter's Case)

Measuring Drop at Heel
Measuring Drop at Comb


Measuring LOP
Overall View of Measuring Procedure on Gun Fitter's Case
Instructions for Using the Shotgun Combo Gauge


Measuring Length of Pull

Push the drop meter up so that the LOP is clear to be measured.  Measure from inside trigger to end of stock.  Read LOP at "0" mark.  
                    LOP to Center of Butt                                                      LOP to Heel                                                             LOP to Toe                                                   LOP from Bottom of Grip


Measuring Drop with the Sliding Drop Meter

Place gauge upside down on top of barrel length and extend to point on stock at which you want to measure drop. Slide 6” drop meter down to 
top of stock. Read measurement on drop meter. Slide the drop meter along the stock and measure drop at any point.

                     Drop at Comb Moving                                 Drop Meter down the Comb                                 Drop  4" from Heel                                                     Drop at Heel 


Measuring Pitch

Place gauge on gun rib moving the drop meter to the end of the butt plate.              
Extend drop meter to its total length and move parallel to the butt plate. 
Measure degrees of pitch with supplied protractor.              


Measuring Cast

Set up Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension mounted on the gun rib.  Set Drop Meter to low position parallel to the butt plate. ... 
The gun illustrated has zero (0) cast. Measure cast on or off with a ruler, as shown in photos.  





Form for Recording All Shotgun Measurements


Shotgun Combo Gauge Reviews


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