Scouts & Youth Groups

Shotgun Training & Practice Shooting System
Designed Specifically for Boy Scouts & Youth Groups
Bringing new shooters into the shooting sports is important for the continuation and health of all of the shooting venues.  
In support of that, we are offering special products and prices for youth groups and their sponsors to aid in the 
succession of new shooters successfully experiencing the joys and camaraderie of the shooting sports and outdoors.
The Model Remington 870 replica non-gun is a laser-equipped Blue Gun with a normal trigger pull that allows laser practice
in places where real guns are not allowed. These places may be meeting rooms in schools, municipal buildings or private 
homes. Legally practice anywhere in complete safety and put your Boy Scouts or Youth Groups on the road to their shotgun
shooting merit badge. 

Pricing:  Basic Package includes LaserPro Moving Target Projector in Case with 
                 Battery Recharge Cube and Tripod, and Remington 870 Blue Gun...................................$649.00 


The Remington Model 870 Blue Gun is an exact replica of a real Model 870 
without the internal shooting mechanism.  Same weight, same size, but no 
moving parts and does not and cannot shoot live ammo.  A laser is installed
in the Blue Gun and when you pull the trigger you instantly see your shot as
a red laser light.  Shoot your laser-equipped Blue Gun at the LaserPro
projected targets and you can practice shooting anywhere, anytime.  

The LASERPRO Moving Target Projector projects 1 or 2 moving red laser
light targets on a wall so that you can shoot your Blue Gun at moving 
targets.  You can set the LaserPro so that the targets move from left to right,
right to left, horizontally or vertically, or in any direction you want by adjusting 
the swivel tripod.  You can adjust the distance and speed of the laser and 
you can activate the target with your voice (just say "pull" or whatever you 
normally say on the range) or set it on continuous cycle so that the target(s) 
automatically repeat the same targets once one cycle is completed.

Letter from Boy Scout leader in South Elgin, Illinois

Thought you guys would like to hear (and see) some feedback on the Laser Pro and
the Remington 870 Blue Gun with Laser that I recently purchased.  We had an annual
“Merit Badge University” session with our Boy Scout Council last week and offered 
the classroom portion of the Rifle & Shotgun merit badge.  We used the Laser Pro 
and the Blue Gun in the shotgun class and it was a hit! We had 30 Scouts go through
the Shotgun session and our plan was to work on the fundamentals in the classroom 
and have the Scouts complete as much as they could on the Merit Badge worksheet.
The class was  hosted at a local high school, so we thought twice about bringing real
firearms into the classroom.  The Laser Pro made it all come together for the Scouts
when they practiced the shotgun shooting fundamentals.  I was uncertain whether the
investment would really pay off, yet after watching the Scouts connect the dots, I was
sold.  Almost every Scout was routinely mastering the swing, pulling the trigger at the
right moment, and continuing with the follow through.  

The end result? Every single boy consistently lined up the lasers and would have been
breaking birds left and right had we really been shooting. The smiles and the confidence
demonstrated by each Scout made it all worthwhile. 

I probably put 50+ Scouts per year through the Shotgun merit badge and we typically
spend a lot of time on the range. I’m going to incorporate this system into all future 
classes in an effort to better prepare the shooters for the range portion. Success on 
the range is what is going to bring these Scouts back to the range and keep them in 
the sport. I’d recommend the Laser Pro & Blue Gun to any instructor. (I’m also going to 
spend time improving my skills with the Laser Pro…!).

Thanks for the fast shipping and quick turn-around.


Dan Brewster

Letter from Boy Scout leader who trains Scouts with Pistolero and 22 caliber
rifle converter 

Hi Bob,

We are having good teaching results with the Pistolero and 22caliber insert prior to taking the Scouts to the range for live fire.I have used the shotgun wire you provided and have taped it to a .22 bolt rifle. The wire is the one with a microswitch and we clip it to the trigger. I prefer no more than 8 scouts to a class depending on age, the younger the fewer for more attention. The scouts show up at the first 1-1/2 hour session and must have the rifle merit badge book and have downloaded and printed the Rifle Merit Badge Worksheet from the National website.

At the second session I have one side of the scout room set up as a range and have four targets on the wall at the furthest distance I can get, up to 50 feet. I have four prone positions with empty rifles and one bench position with the Pistolero equipped rifle and a Pistolero red target in front of the bench position zeroed in. We start the second session with a quick review of all the worksheet requirements and explain so the scouts can fill in what they didn't have or did not understand. Then we move over to the range and teach the boys the prone position and how to use the rest. We go through the five fundamentals and have them dry fire with an emphasis on aiming and hold control. We try to get the boys to really understand the sight picture which is difficult for many. As my dad helpers work the boys in the prone position, I take the scouts most ready to the bench position with the Pistolero equipped rifle. I instruct them on the bench position and have them cock the bolt and take aim. When they say they have a good sight picture with the front blade at six o'clock on the bull I have them bring their finger to the trigger and press the laser microswitch. Now we see if they do have a good sight picture. Many are surprised at how far off they are. I have them correct and remind them of their points of contact for hold have them do breath control and squeeze the trigger. The scouts that do not have the rifle firmly to their shoulder or a good cheek weld and/or jerk the trigger now see a dancing red laser on the target. Now we can teach the proper aim, breath control, hold control, trigger control, and follow through without live ammo and actually see if the scout is doing it. The scouts can see their mistakes. We rotate the scouts through the 22 caliber Pistolero position and have those that show understanding practice prone position dry fire. We finish up the session with a little home work for those who need it.

We have scheduled live fire at a local range for the weekend to have each scout qualify with five three shot groups that all shots can be covered or touched with a quarter, and then five - five shot groups that can be covered or touched with a quarter. For the third session we meet at the range early and review the range rules, safety rules, and the five fundamentals of rifle shooting. We then have the scouts hang their targets and start qualifying. On the first group I ran using the 22 caliber Pistolero we had good shooting from five of the seven scouts as they finished both shooting requirements very quickly with minimum shots. Just outstanding results because of the Pistolero dry fire exercise during the second session! We could see and correct their errors with the Pistolero that we wouldn't have seen until we were at the range during live fire. We were now able to give the two scouts having difficulty more time and got them qualified as well. We had two hours of donated time for two lanes at the range and got finished in that period of time. I am sure we would have had to schedule more live fire range time for the scouts to shoot qualifying scores if it were not for the use of the Pistolero.

Thank you for setting me up with the long wire and microswitch trigger clip. It works great!

Bob Walter



I spent a pleasant couple of hours Sunday evening teaching a friend's 12 year old son about shotgunning. Your Basic Ultimate Practice System system was a big part of the instruction and I was truly amazed at how quickly this kid mastered the basics of mounting his gun and swinging through the moving laser generated target. By the time we were done Sunday evening, this kid looked as if he had been born with a shotgun in his hands. Perhaps he is a child shooting prodigy, or maybe I'm a better instructor than I thought, but I believe the lion's share of our success belongs to your laser training system. Plus, the kid really had a great time using your system. It made the learning process kinetic and fun for him. 

I believe your system is a much better way to introduce a new shooter to shotgunning than to have the person simply start shooting at clay targets with live ammunition. Your system offers the necessary elements for learning to shoot a shotgun (a moving target and feedback on where the gun is actually pointed relative to the target) without the distraction of the noise and recoil.  Also, I believe the lack of a sense of urgency about breaking an actual target allows the student to acquire the basics much more quickly and less stressfully.

The boy's gun mount was so good and his swing was so smooth by the time we were done that I am really looking forward now to shooting clay targets at the club with him next week. I am confident that having laid a proper gun handling foundation with your laser system, he will easily make the transition to breaking real targets.

I should add that your system works well for experienced shooters, as well as beginners. I sometimes find my gun mount getting sloppy in the excitement of a grouse hunt, and early season when the leaves are still up and the limited visibility makes for very brief shooting opportunities, I find myself falling into a deplorable "stab and shoot" shooting style.  A little practice with your system during the evenings in my 30' Airstream trailer that is my grouse camp always helps to restore a proper gun mount and gets me back to a smooth swing when shooting.

Thanks for your wonderful laser training system.

Bob Danaher



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