Indoor Shotgun Training with

Shooting Basics

"The fundamentals are the core, the framework that ultimately encompass all that is required for success, because everything is built on basics. Truth be known, there are no advanced techniques. The alleged advanced shooter merely executes the basics smoother, more efficiently, and faster than others. If a shooter wants to improve his shooting, he can do so by understanding and repeating the basics at a more proficient level." By Daniel L. Schindler, Sporting Clays magazine.

4-H Instructor experiences success with the Ultimate Practice Shooting System

Mack Dyer, 4-H Instructor, Atlanta, GA, emailed these comments about the Ultimate Practice Shooting System:

I think this is the BEST tool to train a new shooter with. 

I got to use the Laser Friday night with one of our new shooters and I was amazed, literally, at the difference this tool makes.  [Using the LaserShooter] I checked the point of impact and then put him on the target [using the LaserPro].  The target was moving from 3:00 to 9:00.  He was holding his shotgun at the 6:00 position and lifting the gun straight up instead of tracking the target.  After I explained the correct procedure for swinging the gun and putting "lead" on the target he started connecting with the laser dots and his reply was "Hey that's a lot easier".  If I had not had this tool there is no telling how long he would have continued to mount and swing his gun incorrectly  This was all the confirmation I needed and now I can't wait to show other coaches and students how good this tool is.

My daughter was using it and she immediately noticed her swing was not smooth and the laser would 'wobble' up and down as she swung the gun from corner to corner along the ceiling.  I corrected her stance and she could see the improvement immediately on the next swing. 

This is the best tool I have ever used to show new shooters the basic concept of shooting a shotgun.  You can tell them until your blue in the face but seeing the "writing on the wall", so to speak, is all they need!  Once you show them how to correct the problem and get them to practice it a few times it becomes second nature and they will remember it.

                                         Watch Video of the Ultimate Practice Shooting System

Shoot 500 Rounds a Day at No Cost and No Recoil

Now you can Mount-Swing-Lead-Fire-Follow Through and shoot 500 rounds a day without recoil or cost.

Professional golfers hit 500 balls a day in their daily practice regimen. Now shooters can reach the same level of excellence by using the LaserShooter-LaserPro Ultimate Practice Shooting System by Robert Louis Company. It's all about REPETITIONS, leading to MUSCLE MEMORY.

Check out the VIDEO and the details of using the Ultimate Practice Shooting System.

Testimonial from George in WI


Thanks for standing behind your
product.  I now consider my
LaserPro and LaserShooter to be
essential to my practice routine.
I feel my snese of timing stays 
sharp with 10-15 minutes a day
practice.  Thanks again.


Unsolicited Email from Another Fan, Jan. 12, 2012

Hi Bob,

Just thought I'd drop you a note. I've shot trap for years and recently switched over to sporting clays. My club added a five stand course overlayed on a skeet field last year. So...I've been struggling for the last year to hit those fast left & right crossers. I used your LaserShooter and LaserPro set on doubles to practice the lead. I drilled 2-3 times a day with that for the last 6 days. Last night was my first chance to try it out at the club.

Wow! In our 25 round five stand course we shoot at 3 targets from both the high & low skeet houses. So 12 chances in the two rounds I shot last night to see if the LaserPro practice had helped...I only missed one! Could not believe it. Not saying I'm an expert by no means...but I have not shot those two targets so well...ever!

Your system works. Thanks again for such a great product!


Testimonial from a fellow Skeet and Sporting Clays Shooter Al Peterson, Skeet Chairman, Fairfield County Fish & Game Protective Association, Newtown, CT

"I began using the LaserShooter/LaserPro during the second week of our ten week Winter Skeet League. I am by no means a great skeet shooter. After two frustrating weeks of breaking sub-40 scores (out of 50) I immediately began seeing improvements. The LaserShooter immediately enabled me to see flaws in my gun fit, swing and stance that needed correction. My first 3 weeks average was a 38 out of 50. Within just two weeks of working with the LaserShooter/LaserPro, my average had improved by 3 birds to a 41. Upon conclusion of the league, my average for the last 5 weeks had climbed to a 45 our of 50, including several straights. This was accomplished using the LaserShooter 3 nights a week for 20-30 minutes at a time. My swing became noticeably smoother, my timing sharper. Gun fit was easily adjusted to accommodate winter apparel. All done in a recoil free environment and without incurring 4-5 boxes of ammo costs per session. I continue to use the LaserShooter/ LaserPro today and will report more once the sporting clays season hits full swing."

Al also suggested that we improve our advertising to highlight more reasons to use our Ultimate Practice Shooting System, including:

1. Visually exposes flaws in gun fit, mount and swing 
    (all costing several times the amount of the unit from 
    professional help)
2. Recoil-free practice 
3. Builds muscle memory
4. Improves timing
5. Visually train different shooting techniques such as pull 
    away, sustained lead and swing through 
6. Simulates all major target presentations 
7. Economical -- less than 2 month payback, assuming three 
    100 shot sessions/week 
8. Share it amongst family, friends and club members!


Testimonial from Greg N, Warren, PA. -- Uses his LaserShooter for Multiple Purposes

I have been using your laser shooter for almost a year now. I really enjoy the practice that it gives me. It helps me stay familiar with my shotgun(s) and helps develop muscle memory for proper gun mount and swing technique. It has been especially useful in helping me with the adjustable stocks on my shotguns. With the help of the laser shooter I have been able to see where the point of impact is for each gun and adjust the stock so that the gun is shooting where I am looking. The laser shooter is also a great tool to use when introducing new shooters to the shooting sports game. It helps in fitting the gun to the shooter so that the gun is shooting where they are looking which gives them success much earlier.

The Ultimate Practice Shooting System consists of a number of components: The LaserShooter, the LaserPro, the Wobbler, and a 
Banner.   Buy the entire system or individual components, depending on your needs or goals.

Level I -- LaserShooter
Read what Ed Clapper, aka averagEd, has to say about the LaserShooter in the April 2013 edition of Shotgun Sports Magazine


The LASERSHOOTER will significantly improve your shooting skills.  Not only 
can you make sure your gun is fitting properly, but you can also check the 
accuracy of your gun fit while improving your mount and swing. Further, it 
starts you on the road to perfection by allowing you to do meaningful repetitions, 
typically in concert with the LaserPro.

The LaserShooter fits into the muzzle of your shotgun and centers itself perfectly
every time to ensure continuous, accurate alignment from gun to target. A wire 
runs from the LaserShooter to a metal ring which you place on your trigger finger.
Then, when you touch the gun trigger, you fire the laser. The LaserShooter shows 
you exactly where you are aiming and, therefore, how to correct your mistakes. 

              Placing the LaserShooter in your Gun Barrel

The LaserShooter is constructed of aluminum with 3 brass contact balls in the 
gauge adaptor to assure centering in the gun's bore.  No harm can come to the 
bore or choke as a result of inserting the LaserShooter.

There are two points of electric conductivity:

1.  Inside the bore by the three brass balls
2.  By the laser shaft touching the gun's muzzle.

Two points of contact assures good conductivity even with dirty bores or removeable 
chokes.  We neither use nor recommend plastic parts that can be dissolved by 
harsh bore cleaners.

The LASERSHOOTER (Patent Pending) comes in 4 gauges -- 12, 20, 28, and 
410.  The 12 gauge fits a 10 gauge shotgun and the 20 gauge fits a 16 gauge gun.

The LaserShooter is available in Red and Green laser lights.The Red Laser-
Shooter is very bright and can be used outdoors as well as indoors.  The 
Green LaserShooter, however, is the brighter of the two lasers and is best for 
very bright locations.

The  Green LASERSHOOTER (Patent Pending) was developed so multiple 
"shooters" can compete with each other and distinguish between their shots,
one person using the Red LaserShooter and one using the Green LaserShooter.

Practicing with the LaserShooter 10 to 15 minutes a day will improve your 
shooting immensely.
The All-Gauge LaserShooter is MADE IN THE USA.    The UltraBrite
Red Laser is Twice as Bright as the industry standard with no cost increase. 
(Patent Pending)

The Trigger Switch is an independent LaserShooter wiring system that offers the following advantages over the standard electric ground finger ring system:

1. Works on any shotgun, including the new Benellis, Franchis, Blasers, and some Brownings that have non-conductive coatings on their internals that exclude the standard electronic ground system from working;

2. Great for TRAP SHOOTERS who like to rest their finger on the trigger before shooting;

3. Enhances the shooting experience by making the shooter “pull” the trigger – not just touch it – to fire the laser.

The Trigger Switch will work with both the red and green LaserShooters and also with the Arrow LaserShot.

Read what Ed Clapper has to say about the LaserShooter in his column, "final shot...from averagEd," in the April 2013 edition of Shotgun Sports Magazine.


If you want a touch of realism added to your shooting practice,
you can add the BANG BOX to your Red LaserShooter to hear 
the shot sound when you "pull" the trigger and fire the laser.  
Just clip the Bang Box to your shirt pocket or belt or place it
on a nearby table.  Every time you shoot, you'll hear the shot!


Watch Video of All-Gauge LaserShooter 

Using the Red LaserShooter for gun fitting is the best way to ensure 
accurate gun fit.  With the LaserShooter installed in the gun barrel 
(any choke, including screw-in chokes)and the finger ring placed on 
the trigger finger, the shooter mounts his gun as he would normally
and then aims and fires at the supplied target. The resulting shot will 
be obvious to both the shooter and the fitter and adjustments can be 
made to set up the shotgun stock or rib so that the shooter is aiming 
where the gun is pointing.  It will also indicate barrels that are not 
shooting at the same point of aim or converging or diverging, a typical 
reason for consistent missing with a particular barrel.  

The Red LaserShooter and the Shotgun Combo Gauge are the perfect 
combination of tools for determining accurate gun fit.

Eye Dominance
The LaserShooter will indicate eye dominance and 
conquer your flinch.  Click here to watch a Clay 
Shooting VIDEO and read an article on the topic.

Read Russian?  
Article about the LaserShooter and LaserPro 
was written by John Taylor in the Sept./Oct. 
2013 issue of Sports Afield.  You can read
the Russian version by clicking here.  
The English version appears on our Reviews page.


The shooting club I belong to owns The ultimate Practice Shooting System that they loan out to members. I was able to check out all of my shotguns at home with this device to confirm that I was shooting where I was looking. I was able to adjust two of my guns that have adjustable combs to where they needed to be and the auto loaders with shim systems could be likewise adjusted. I would recomend anyone in the stock fitting or gun sales busniess to consider the many uses this product provides.

I recently purchased a shotgun from a dealer who had the laser system and found that the gun was right on the money as far as where I was looking.

July 29, 2016



I spent a pleasant couple of hours Sunday evening teaching a friend's 12 year old son about shotgunning. Your Basic Ultimate Practice System system was a big part of the instruction and I was truly amazed at how quickly this kid mastered the basics of mounting his gun and swinging through the moving laser generated target. By the time we were done Sunday evening, this kid looked as if he had been born with a shotgun in his hands. Perhaps he is a child shooting prodigy, or maybe I'm a better instructor than I thought, but I believe the lion's share of our success belongs to your laser training system. Plus, the kid really had a great time using your system. It made the learning process kinetic and fun for him. 

I believe your system is a much better way to introduce a new shooter to shotgunning than to have the person simply start shooting at clay targets with live ammunition. Your system offers the necessary elements for learning to shoot a shotgun (a moving target and feedback on where the gun is actually pointed relative to the target) without the distraction of the noise and recoil.  Also, I believe the lack of a sense of urgency about breaking an actual target allows the student to acquire the basics much more quickly and less stressfully.

The boy's gun mount was so good and his swing was so smooth by the time we were done that I am really looking forward now to shooting clay targets at the club with him next week. I am confident that having laid a proper gun handling foundation with your laser system, he will easily make the transition to breaking real targets.

I should add that your system works well for experienced shooters, as well as beginners. I sometimes find my gun mount getting sloppy in the excitement of a grouse hunt, and early season when the leaves are still up and the limited visibility makes for very brief shooting opportunities, I find myself falling into a deplorable "stab and shoot" shooting style.  A little practice with your system during the evenings in my 30' Airstream trailer that is my grouse camp always helps to restore a proper gun mount and gets me back to a smooth swing when shooting.

Thanks for your wonderful laser training system.

Bob Danaher
November 2015
I just want to drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with the Ultimate 
Shooting System. Over the last couple of months since using the system 
my skeet scores have improved dramatically. I was stuck in the 18-19 rut 
consistently until…. The Ultimate Shooting System.  My confidence, target 
acquiring, and gun mounting improvement directly effected my scores. 
I am now banging 23-25 each round. Just a couple of minutes a night has 
given me the muscle memory and fluid mounting motion for better target
acquiring and tracking.  I would recommend this system to anybody that 
is a serious shooting enthusiast. 

Thanks again,
Michael Troyer
Atlanta, GA
(sent by email, Nov. 8, 2011)

From Norway (Jan. 2016):

Dear Bob,
The use of your ultimate practice shooting system has made a 
tremendous difference to my shooting capabilities over the last 
two years. I am now 57years old, and a few years back my shooting
started deteriorating, both at the range and during hunting. I suspect 
that changes in eye dominance may have been involved. Two years ago
I started using your system on an almost daily basis, just a few minutes 
each time. Gradually, my skills have improved, and now I am a better 
wingshooter than I ever was when I was younger. This year I had triple
hits when going grouse hunting (I use a semiauto with 3 shots capacity)
for the first time. What a feeling :-)   And my season total has tripled 
these last two years, with respect to both grouse and waterfowl. I believe 
that the regular training, using your laser system, is a major part of the 
reason for this improvement. It has made me both more accurate and faster. 

Kristian M. Lien

Level II -- LaserShooter plus the LaserPro  
LASERPRO White Lightning Moving Target Laser Projector


The LASERPRO allows you to perfect your gun mount and swing for all the shooting sports -- skeet, trap, sporting clays or live bird shooting. Used together with the LASERSHOOTER, the LASERPRO brings moving target practice that all but duplicates field conditions. Practice is interesting and challenging and you can watch your skills evolve as you increase the target speed and direction. Reproduce skeet targets and trap targets, and for sporting clays, duplicate chandelles, a simulpair, jumping teal and overhead driven birds.

It's all about repetitions and gun mount and swing.

By selection, the LaserPro projects either one or two moving lasers. With two lasers, the lead laser is the point of aim, the trailing laser is the target. With a LaserShooter in the muzzle of your gun you can see if you are firing behind, in front of, above or below the target. You can also see if you are keeping the gun moving after firing.  You can adjust the speed, the direction, the window, and the angle of the moving lasers.  You can also operate the laser lights with a voice command (e.g., "Pull") or automatically in a continuous loop. The LaserPro has UlltraBrite 635 NM red lasers, which are at least twice as bright as the standard red laser popular in the industry, and rechargeable batteries which will give you 20 hours of continuous use.

Use two LaserPros and you can easily practice shooting doubles.

The LaserPro sets up in seconds, and requires no power, no projector, no computer. 


Testimonial from California Enthusiast

Dear Jeanne and Bob,

Greetings from the other side! (California) I have been around shotguns mostly all of my life. While the U.S. Olympic Team has never asked me to try out, I do have enough skill to hit the broad side of a barn and then some. When I first called, I only wanted the laser pointer, but Bob muscled me into the White Lightning projector. I have had them for about two weeks. Aside from being fun, they are highly convenient. I am a Republican and we don't do well with complicated set-up. This device is simple and works in the living room. For not even ten minutes practice per day, I have become exponentially better on our local clays course. The Skeet chokes have been pulled out and the Imp/Mod are in so that I can see a puff of smoke rather than broken pieces. I am not breaking or cracking targets, I am smoking them off the face of the earth! I cannot wait for the Waterfowl season to open. I am not a shooting sensei, but I am guessing that the combination of target movement off the White Lightning unit and the trigger wire on the laser pointer give you undeniable feedback on what you need to do. You just can't ignore what you see with your own eyes. You get a change of mindset that goes from "Am I going to hit the target?" to "The weapon needs to point HERE!" just before you pull the trigger. You get a more sophisticated sight picture and lose concern for where the weapon is pointed. We'll be talking about the Wobbler soon! [These devices] are brilliantly simple and undeniably effective.

Best Personal Regards, 
Thomas C. Watts III


When exercising using the Red or Green Laser Shooter and
the LaserPro moving target projector, the practicing
trap shooter must go back to the raw basics for the
most effective use of his time and energy. Especially
the new shooter. Repetition practice is imperative for
muscle memory development and using our Laser Practice
Shooting System supplies that.

Much like basketball, football or baseball practice,
very little of practice sessions includes the actual
full game experience. Practicing and perfecting each
of the individual parts of a game, like throwing, dribbling,
passing, tackling, avoidance running, batting, catching,
etc., before playing the whole game is the best way
to achieve success. The same idea is required for the
practicing trap shooter before he attempts game style

Crossing Targets - You must learn to hit a crossing
target. If you do not command that basic skill, you
will never be competent at hitting the hard right and
left targets.

1. Set up the LaserPro selector switch to "Doubles"
and adjust the speed so that the moving laser targets
are at standard speed, i.e., 2.5 seconds from the selected
point-to-point extremes in your home or club wall.

2. Practice coming from behind the target on its flight
path quickly overtaking and passing through the target
to an acceptable lead and shoot--all of this accomplished
as smoothly and quickly as possible. As you build your
confidence and skills, you will increase the target
speed to, say, 2 seconds from point to point--and then
go through the same drills.

3. Do this drill from both the left and right targets.

4. Attempt to shoot the target before it gets to the
center point of its travels. Avoid riding the target.
Learn to shoot the target quickly and without any thought
letting your instincts operate your swing and shot.

5. The shooter MUST in any practice circumstance continue
moving the gun after the shot for a complete follow-through.
The follow-through after the shot should be a natural
part of every shot at a moving target. Poking, especially
at "going away" or quartering trap targets
will break some but not consistently or predictably.
Poking at targets is unique to the trap game and must
be avoided to become a good shot.


6. Concentrate. Your whole concentration is on the moving
target. The gun rib during the shot sequence should
be a blur or shadow and your eye focus and concentration
is 100% devoted to the target.Quartering Targets

1. Set up the LaserPro for a quartering target--left
or right--and distance.

2. Set the desired speed and then set the LaserPro for
"Voice" command.

3. When you say "PULL," the moving target
will appear instantly.

4. Project the "Doubles" targets and learn
to shoot the back and then the front target with two
distinct and separate shots. This will really help you--and,
of course, keep the gun moving on the flight path after
the shot. This is much harder than the crossing target
practice. Learn to get on the target quickly, lead it
and shoot keeping your gun moving on the target path
after the shot. Your personal presentation at the moving
target should be smooth, highly disciplined, and automatic
without a lot of thought--instinctively bang-bang at
the two targets and as quickly as possible in a controlled
matter. Really great trap shooters will shoot the target
after the release under one second of flight time.

5. Practice this doing both left and rights. Practicing
these simple moves and with ever increasing target
speed will change your trap game dramatically. Keep your
gun and your Laser System handy. Practice in short 5 minute sessions if that is better for you.

The more you practice the better you will get -- no question about it.

THE 10,000 MOVES GOAL It is today's thought that 10,000
units of practice is required to attain excellence. Using the
Ultimate Practice Shooting System can get you there. In
any 15 minute practice session you should shoot your gun 200 times. If you do that 5 times a week that's 1000 shots. In 10 weeks you will get to the 10,000 shot goal.

All of this without any cost --except your original
purchase -- and in your home.

Read what Ed Clapper has to say about the LaserShooter in his column, "final shot...from averagEd," in the April 2013 edition of Shotgun Sports Magazine.

Level III -- LaserShooter, LaserPro and Wobbler

The WOBBLER Olympic Gold True Target Oscillator  
                                                        (Patent Pending)

The oscillating mechanism of the Wobbler moves the LaserPro continuously from left to right and back right to left, "shooting" out targets that simulate real life Sporting Clays and Trap Targets

The WOBBLER Olympic Gold True Target Oscillator was developed for the shooter who wants to use targets that are more real life representations of those in Sporting Clays and Trap than can be presented by the LaserPro alone. The LaserPro used alone will shoot out targets in a consistent straight line. When attached to the Wobbler, the LaserPro is constantly oscillating back and forth and will shoot out targets that are curved, rising or falling at an angle, a driven bird, jumping teal, or chandelle. For Trap shooters, the Wobbler will shoot out targets from different starting points, making them just as unpredictable as they are on the Trap range.

The Wobbler raises the level of difficulty of your practice shooting, increasing your ability to hit those challenging targets and significantly enhancing your hand-eye coordination.

The Wobbler has a 3-prong, 115v plug with a 6' cord.

BANNER -- Puts you in the zone

(9' X 54")

Our SKEET and TRAP RANGE BANNER provides a realistic background for practice shooting both skeet and trap. Measuring 9' wide x 54" long, the banner has sturdy brass grommets (not shown) for hanging on any wall and is made of a flexible material that is easy to roll up and transport to other locations.

CARRY CASES - Great for storing and carrying your laser productsARRY CASES


The Pro-Kit holds your LaserShooter and LaserPro training products in a single enclosure. Lightweight and sturdy, the Pro-Kit is made of molded polypropylene. A Pattern Plate on the outside of the case makes it easy to set up your practice range wherever you go. Size is 14" x 11" x 3". 



Holds multiple LaserShooters, extra gauge converters, LaserPro (1 or 2) and the Wobbler. Made of dark blue molded polypropylene. Measures 20" x 15" x 4".




The Gun Fitter's Case is made of green canvas and leather with 
sturdy brass fittings and a green felt interior.  Can hold multiple 
LaserShooters, a LaserPro, a Shotgun Combo Gauge and a 
BoreMaster.   Measures 32-1/2" x 9-1/2" x 4".  

The following is an unsolicited email from a grateful shooter from Ohio.

A couple months ago I bought your system, my eyes had changed and my Right eye became my ‘Master Eye’ again, after flash damage to it in Viet Nam. I’m right handed as I told you. I had spent years shooting with one eye closed because using a spot on my glasses to force my right eye to take over, gave me such a headache that I almost quit hunting. My shooting average in Trap was 7 to 10, mostly closer to the 7. In skeet I was a 3 to 5. I had various instructors, but nothing helped. No one could tell me what was wrong, yet when I was young I was an outstanding shotgun shooter, I started using a 410 at the age of 6, being raised on a farm in Ohio, this was quite normal. Also for deer hunting that was all we were allowed to use in the state, I used a 16 ga for years and never failed to get a deer.

                                               Now to get down to why I’m writing, I have been practicing with your system since it arrived, at first every day about 10 to 15 min. each time. I found that my biggest problem, which no one had been able to recognize before, was I had my head to low on the stock, I was using the shotgun more as a rifle, which as we both know, is a definite ‘No, No’. Second major was I was stopping my follow through just before I squeezed the trigger, which is quite common and seems everyone does it to some extent or other. I practiced for two weeks before I went back out to the range, shot 2 rounds of Skeet and 2 rounds of Trap. Skeet Rd 1 – 10 Rd 2 – 15, Trap Rd 1 – 7 Rd 2 – 12. This past Monday I went out to the range ( I go every couple of weeks) and these were the results Skeet, Rd 1 – 17 Rd 2 – 21, Trap Rd 1 – 18 Rd 2 – 23.

                                                    You are right in that the system shows you your mistakes and your errors, I still practice 3 to 4 times a week mostly to keep my hand in, the hardest part to learn, is to shoot again with both eyes open. I found that there are several ways to enhance your system to give you a more realistic view of the birds on your canvas. I took 2 pieces of 1/4” plywood (full size 4’ by 8’) and hinged them together. I mounted your canvas on them, I then build an adjustable stand that I vary the degree of tilt from vertical to 60 degrees if I want. It gives the birds a more realistic flight pattern, especially in trap.

Anyway, I wrote to Thank You for giving me back something that I’ve always loved to do, but been frustrated for years. It’s now enjoyable again to go shooting.

                                            My final test was I went to Mexico last weekend to a hunting ranch down there. They have almost   unlimited hunting in quail and dove(and Rattle snakes). I used their guns(To much of a hassle to take mine), which I wasn’t used to, but I got the limit of 20 birds with 26 shots and 15 quail with 18 shots. I haven’t done that good since I was a kid.

Last but not least, I have recommended your system to several of my friends that I know are having troubles. I also have a couple that live close to me that come over a couple times a week to practice. We all have improved.

New Feature -- Convert your Shotgun Red LaserShooter to a Pistolero PistoLaser or a Rifle Practice Shooting System.

If you already own a Red LaserShooter, you can convert it to a pistol or rifle practice shooting system by adding our new caliber kits.

For Pistol Shooters: Select any of the pistol caliber adapters (22, 357/9mm, 40, 44, or 45), which will fit the Red LaserShooter nose cose, and you can practice pistol shooting. Kit includes one caliber adapter and two trigger wires. Price $88.00.

For Rifle Shooters: Select a .223 or .308 caliber adapter to insert into the nose cone of your Red LaserShooter and practice rifle shooting. Includes a long shaft to use with guns with flash hiders. Price each caliber: $49.00.

Youth groups such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, and Scholastic Shooting organizations  and women who are G.R.I.T.S. members receive special discounted pricing, which is not available online. Must call 203-270-1400.



                               PRICING    *    PRICING   

Special - 12 Ga. Red LaserShooter and LaserPro
Special - All-Gauge UltraBrite Red LaserShooter
Special - Red LaserShooter (1 Gauge), Green LaserShooter (1 Gauge), LaserPro, Pro-Kit Case

LaserShooter - Brite Red Laser


12 Gauge


12 and 20 Gauges


All 4 gauges - All-Gauge

LaserShooter - Super Brite Green Laser


12 Gauge


12 and 20 Gauges


All 4 gauges - All-Gauge

LaserPro and Wobbler


LASERPRO Moving Target Projector


WOBBLER Olympic Gold True Target Oscillator


Skeet and Trap Range Banner



Pro-Kit (Case only)
$ 69.00


Super Pro-Kit (Case only)


Gun Fitter's Case (Case only)


B-RLS Extra Batteries (Strip of 10) for Red LaserShooter
$ 20.00


Extra Battery for Super Brite Green LaserShooter (1)
$ 10.00
TS Trigger Switch for LaserShooter
$ 45.00
BB Bang Box
$ 69.00


BUPS - Basic Ultimate Practice Shooting System 
(includes LaserShooter and LaserPro in Pro-Kit)
Red LaserShooter
Green LaserShooter
Both Red & Green LaserShooters

  BUPS1 - 1 Gauge

  BUPS2 - 2 Gauges

  BUPS4 - All 4 Gauges   (12, 20, 28, 410)

UPSS - Ultimate Practice Shooting System (Red LaserShooter & LaserPro in Pro-Kit, Wobbler, Banner)
  UPSS1 - 1 Gauge
$ 969
  UPSS4 - All 4 Gauges
CUPS - Competition Ultimate Practice Shooting System (Red LaserShooter-All Gauges, Green LaserShooter-All Gauges, LaserPro and Wobbler in Super Pro-Kit, Banner)
CUPSD - Competition/Doubles Ultimater Practice Shooting System (Red LaserShooter-All Gauges, Green LaserShooter-All Gauges, and Wobbler in Super Pro-Kit, Banner)   
SIGFK - Shooting Instructor's and Gun Fitter's Kit  (Gun Fitter's Case with Shotgun Combo Gauge with Extension, Red LaserShooter-All Gauges)


























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