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Success in any sport is based on constant practice and developing your muscle memory through repetition,
repetition, repetition!

The Pistolero PistoLaser Practice & Training System provides pistol shooters the ability to develop their
muscle memory by practicing with their own gun, in their own home (or anywhere).

The Pistolero System fills the needs of all pistol shooters --

1.  The Target Shooter
2.  The Instinct Shooter
3.  The Tactical Shooter

Both the Tactical and Instinct shooter can develop their skills by firing from a variety of positions and always 
seeing the laser-aimed shot impact point.  This is the perfect way to train police recruits or military shooters in
the skills required to react quickly and accurately during times of high stress and may mean the
difference between life and death.

For the Target shooter, installing the appropriate caliber spud into the gun's muzzle allows you to practice 
strength training and repetitions, aiming at various targets while observing the results of your shot.

With the Pistolero PistoLaser you can shoot at a target with your own gun repeatedly and get the results of 
your aimed shot indicated instantly. You can practice at home on your own time, without the expense of 
bullets or going to the range. 
The  PistoLaser comes in five (5) color-coded caliber spuds in 22, 9mm/357, 40, 44, and 45 calibers so you 
can use it with any  pistol or revolver.  It is easy to use and will not harm the finest gun or muzzle.

The Pistolero PistoLaser is affordably priced at $150 for a single caliber, $25 for each extra caliber, or
$250 for the complete set of 5 calibers.
The Pistolero PistoLaser is Patented.
Pistolero PistoLaser

8" x 7" Durable Plastic Case holds 5 caliber inserts, two trigger switches, batteries and adjustment wrench.

Kit holds 5 caliber inserts -- 22 (Silver), 9mm/357 (Red),
40 (Blue), 44 (Green), 45 (Gold)

Pistol Blue Guns

If you want to practice shooting but either don't have your own gun or can't "shoot" a real gun in a particular environment, you can practice with our all plastic Blue Gun Pistols.  You can choose between exact replicas of a Glock 9mm or a Smith & Wesson MP40.  The Blue Gun Pistols have a red laser installed in the gun and you can practice shooting at a stationary target, the Bullseye Blast, or the LaserPro moving target.  The Blue Guns are also good for quick draw practice.

Pistolero Motion Shooters

Pistolero with LaserPro (PMS1)

Pistolero with LaserPro and Shotgun 12 Gauge and Rifle 223 and 308 Inserts (PMS2)

Practice shooting at stationery targets is basic and a requirement, but most of the targets that field shooters see are in motion. Now actually practice shooting at moving targets is available with the "PISTOLERO MOTION SHOOTER" (PMS).

The PMS1 comes with the Pistolero PistoLaser in 1 to 5 calibers (you can choose any or all of the 5 caliber inserts) plus the LaserPro Moving Target Projector.  

Ths PMS2 comes with the Pistolero in all 5 calibers, the Red LaserShooter for shotgun in 1 gauge, and 223 and 308 rifle inserts.  The LaserPro sets up anywhere using the included tripod.

The basic PMS gives the shooter the opportunity to shoot his own gun at home in tactical or instinct situations at targets set for fast or slow speeds, duplicating many field conditions. Practicing ACCURATE fast target acquisition is the key to success in life threatening or hunting situations when muscle memory is the sole provider of accurate and fast shooting. Ammunition expenditure and trips to the range are eliminated while practice continues whenever the shooter is ready.

Watch Video of the Pistolero Motion Shooter System!


Bullseye B.L.A.S.T. 
(Bullseye Laser Actuated Shooting Target) 
(Patent Pending)

The Bullseye BLAST (Bullseye Laser Actuated Shooting Target) is a pistol target that reacts to the laser light from your PistoLaser.  When you hit the target, you can seeand hear the hit. The BLAST emits a loud ping that sounds like a bullet hitting a steel plate and one of the two targets quickly turns 90 degrees to ready the second target for your next shot. You can shoot continuously and you will get instant feedback each time you hit the target. View the video to see how the BLAST works.

Bullseye BLAST


  Bullseye BLAST with Wobbler

Trigger Switch Operation

The Trigger Switch is attached to the finger ring which can be used by simply slipping your trigger finger into the finger ring or by attaching the finger ring directly to the trigger.

Trigger Switch Mounted on the Finger Ring
Trigger Switch Mounted on the Trigger
Colt 1911 - 45ACP
Springfield Armory Match XDM-40SW

Ruger SP101 - 357 Mag
Pistolero Instructions

First Thing: 

Remove magazine.  Unload pistol.  Unload cylinder (revolver).  Remove all live ammo from the practice area.

Setting up the PistoLaser
1.   Screw the appropriate caliber insert into the Nose Cone.  The five inserts are 45, 44, 40, 357/9mm, 22.
2.   Place the insert end into the muzzle of the gun. The insert will enter the barrel without harming it since the construction is 
      all aluminum with brass bead contact balls. Set the PistoLaser firmly against the gun muzzle.
3.   Adjust the finger ring to fit your trigger finger and place it so you can comfortably touch your ring-mounted finger to the 
      gun trigger. Touching the ring to the trigger and squeezing will close the microswitch on the ring and fire the laser.
Sighting in the PistoLaser for your gun:

There are four 4-40 size adjustment screws; the screws use a .050” Allen wrench.

1.   To move the laser dot "up" on the target, loosen the bottom screw – 1/20th turn increments – and tighten the top screw in very 
      small increments.
2.   To move the laser dot "left" on the target, loosen the right screw – 1/20th turn increments – and tighten the left screw in very 
      small increments.
Do not overtighten the spud to the nose cone – hand tightening is fine.


Battery Installation:

When installing the three (3) LR-44 batteries into the PistoLaser, the smaller section of the batteries faces the Nose Cone; the
larger section faces the PistoLaser spud.

Pistolero PistoLaser:  $150 to $250, depending on the Number of Calibers
Pistolero Motion Shooters:
    Pistolero with LaserPro Moving Target Projector:  $515 to $615, depending on # of Calibers
    Pistolero (All 5 Calibers) with LaserPro, Red LaserShooter (12 gauge) for shotgun, and 
       Rifle 223/308 Inserts:  $799
Bullseye BLAST:   $199
Wobbler:  $189
Blue Gun Pistol:  $259
Testimonial from NRA Pistol Instructor

Dear Mr. Foege:
Approximately one year ago, I was at an antique gun show and saw the PISTOLERO kit on display. I had gotten away from league shooting and was considering getting back into it. However, as with everything practice is the key and convenience is also a huge factor in determining practice frequency. Muscle memory is critical to accuracy and is best achieved and maintained by practice with the actual pistol that you will be using in competition. The PISTOLERO is far more versatile than I had originally realized. In addition to being a bore sight for a variety of calibers, it is very helpful in sighting in my red-dot sight. It has also enabled me to increase my practice frequency by dry-fire practice within the comfort of my own home,, thus leading to greater accuracy.
An unexpected benefit from a year ago is its cost-effectiveness,it is great that the kit includes a number of different caliber sights and is very user-friendly. The lack of availability of .22lr ammunition coupled with its dramatically increased cost (shipping costs are also high because it is a heavy item) has made me seek any way I can to conserve on ammunition. The PISTOLERO enables me to do so and at a considerable cost savings. Dry-fire practice with the PISTOLERO not only helps with increased familiarity of the weight and trigger pull of the the actual pistol that I use resulting in greater accuracy over time. As an NRA Certified Instructor, dry-fire practice is stressed to students as an excellent way to stay familiar with their handgun, and increase accuracy PISTOLERO enables such even for someone who does not belong to a range, or have a range convenient to them in terms of location or hours of availability.
I am very pleased with your product and highly recommend it.
NRA Certified Instructor, Pistol


The March 25, 2013 edition of Gun Digest featured the Pistolero PistoLaser in their Gear section.